Correction for the Munce 2020 Back to Basics Catalog

NOTE: If you didn’t send out the Munce 2020 Back to Basics Catalog, you can ignore this message.

If you sent out the Munce 2020 Back to Basics Catalog, there is a correction file with two missing items that are for the One Day sale on August 8th.

Note: The sale dates in the catalog started two days ago (27-Jul-2020). If you sent out the catalog, but you haven’t already run IVPROMO with the M-AUG-R.TXT or M-AUG-RF.TXT file, you can download the Zip and process just that one file (M-AUG-R.TXT or M-AUG-RF.TXT). They have both been updated with the two missing One Day sale items.

  1. Download the Zipped catalog data files by clicking here.
  2. When the download completes, open the Zip file and extract/copy the files to your BOOK folder.
  3. In BSMGR, run “IVPROMO” at the Enter Program Name prompt.
  4. At the “Enter File Name” prompt, enter M-AUG-1.TXT, then click the OK button.
  5. Any products that are in the catalog and not in your inventory will open the IVM “Add” screen. Add the missing product(s) to your inventory. The catalog’s promo code, start date, end date, and sale price will be set for all the products in the catalog.
  6. If IVPROMO doesn’t do anything, make sure you copied/extracted the files from the current file to your BOOK folder.

If you have any problems downloading the file or getting the file to process from within IVPROMO, please let us know.

Your BSMGR Support Team | (800) 997-6724 (option 2)

Program Changes on Q3 2020 Update

The quarterly update disc you receive from BSMGR for RMS contains a current copy of the Christian Books & More® database, new images, music samples, and program changes. Remember to run IVDC after installing your update to reflect retail price changes for your store’s inventory items. When that program completes, you can use IVL to print labels with the new prices. For your convenience, the RMS program changes included with this update are listed below.

The price files for currently active Munce sales catalogs are included on this update.

If you are sending out one of these Munce catalogs to your customers, you can run “IVPROMO” in BSMGR and enter the appropriate file name.

Remember you can download the current Munce catalog price files by clicking the link below and extract the files into your BOOK folder.

As a reminder, the program will check your inventory file for the following:

  • If you are missing products from the catalog, the program will prompt you to add them, pulling basic information (title, author, retail, etc.) from the Christian Books & More database.
  • Once missing products have been added to your inventory file, the program will set up the following for all the products in the catalog file:
    » Sale price; » Sale start date; » Sale end date; » Promo code.

Enhancements and Changes for 8.11


Please contact us if you experience problems installing your update.

Remember, you can view program enhancements and fixes as well as other emailed communications from Bookstore Manager at

For your convenience, you can click here to view a current copy of the End-User License Agreement with the current maintenance fees and warranty information.

Your BSMGR Support Team | (800) 997-6724 (option 2)