CORRECTED Munce 2023 Countdown to Christmas Catalog Files

If you sent the Munce 2023 Countdown to Christmas Catalog, we received corrected sale prices from Munce.

Feel free to reach out to us (call, email, or SPT) if you want us to remote in and help you with this.

There are three steps to follow, and it is important that you do the steps in order.

  1. Remove the sale prices for the original file
    1. Run IVPROMO
    2. Enter the file name that you originally used (M-DEC-R.TXT or M-DEC-RF.TXT)
    3. Check the box next to “REMOVE sale dates/prices…”
    4. Click the “OK” button
  2. When that finishes, download the current set of Munce Catalog files
    1. Click here to download the Zip file
    2. Extract the files in the Zip to your BOOK folder (for example, D:\BSM\BOOK or D:\BOOK)
  3. Run IVPROMO using the corrected file (M-DEC-R.TXT or M-DEC-RF.TXT)

If you have any issues running these steps, please let us know. Again, please feel free to let us know if you’d prefer to have us help you with this.

Your BSMGR Support Team | (800) 997-6724 (option 2)

Remember you can use SPT to put your support request directly on our support docket.