PCI Security – Question 3 of 4 – Do I Have To Use SecurityMetrics?

In August we sent you an email to let you know that we had partnered with SecurityMetrics to provide you with access to an online Self-Assessment Questionnaire and Quarterly Scans to help you be compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

You may have completed these tasks with your payment processing provider. You may have forgotten this was a requirement of all merchants who accept credit and debit cards and have not completed this important task. Either way, SecurityMetrics offers an inexpensive and simple alternative to help you meet this requirement.

As we’ve helped answer questions that have come in over the past few weeks, a few have been quite common. We are sending a sequence of four (4) emails to address these common questions for everyone.

Question 3
Do I have to use SecurityMetrics?
While you are not required to use SecurityMetrics for PCI compliance, we suggest you seriously consider the advantages. Between the larger, $100,000.00 indemnification, the simplification of the SAQ (especially in future years), the ease of scheduling the scans, and lower pricing it is one of the best options for fulfilling your compliance requirements.

To enroll visit www.securitymetrics.com/pcidss/bsmgr

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