2014-07 Summer Special Ends Soon – Can Touch POS Help?

Summer Discount for Touch POS Ends Soon

A growing number of stores are devoting additional space to gifts and providing a café to encourage more (and longer) customer visits. Our Touch POS software solution is an affordable and easy-to-use add-on that helps speed up transactions at the point of purchase. It’s packed with features you’ll need as a Christian Retailer, and it is flexible enough to handle even the most demanding operation.

Even better, it’s easy to set up and is a natural extension to our RMS point-of-sale software, offering you a single system store management solution. With RMS Touch POS, you are able to configure buttons for all your gifts, apparel, novelties, drinks and other items. Ringing up items with tiny, hard to scan barcodes or items that have no barcodes is now easily done with the touch of a button.

“I appreciate that the Bookstore Manager POS solution works well for our Bookstore and for our Café. It’s great to be able to sell featured books in the café!” – Susan


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the promotion and when does it end?
Receive $500 off the regular price of $995, making the Touch POS add-on only $495 through Thursday, July 31st, 2014.
Is there a monthly fee?
There is no additional monthly fee. Ongoing support for Touch POS is included in your regular monthly BSMGR support fee.
Can I see what it looks like and how it works?
Yes. Click here to watch a Touch POS demonstration.
Do I have to upgrade all my monitors to touch screens?
No. Touch POS works great with a keyboard and mouse.
Do I have to pay for a license for each computer?
No. It is a site license which means it covers all machines at your location.
Is this useful for a bookstore or just good for a café?
Yes! The add-on is ideal for both bookstores and café’s. Designed to address the unique needs of a café, it is also great for bookstores that carry a lot of gift items (jewelry, T-shirts, etc.), or items that don’t have barcodes (pencils, logo wear, etc.).
Can I still scan my barcodes or enter in department sales?
Yes. You have all the functions of the traditional POS interface plus all the new Touch POS functions.
What version of Windows do I need to use Touch POS?
RMS version 8.0 and the Touch POS enhancements require Windows XP or later.
Can I get a live demo over the Internet?
Yes. It takes about 10 minutes to walk you through the software. Please contact Steven at 800-997-6724 option 1 or via email at sales@bsmgr.com to set up a demo time that works best for you.
Should I purchase this now?
Of course! It is a handy tool for your front liners, and the summer discount makes it a great bargain.

Touch POS Promotion Details: Normally, $995 – On sale for $495 through Thursday, July 31st, 2014.

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