April 2016 Update for Full PO Stock Checks

We added the “Full PO Stock Check” feature to IVO several months ago. We hope it has been a time saver for you.

STL informed us that they modified their thresholds for receiving free freight on orders on April 11th. To clearly communicate the new requirements, we’ve modified IVO and SYS #2075.

Your order can now qualify for PFF (Payment Free Freight) if either of the conditions below are met:

  • At least $150 of qualifying products (most books, Bibles and Lumen communion cups)
  • At least $250 of products of any kind

If your BSMGR system is set up to automatically download critical updates, you should have the new programs. If not, you can go into SCHEDULE, click the “Utilities” tab, then click the button titled “Check for Critical Updates Now”.

The critical update is tied to version 8.02C. This version was included on the April update. If you have not already installed the April 2016 update, you will need to do that first, then check for Critical Updates to see the changes.

If you’re not sure you have the new programs, the main BSMGR screen should show “Version 8.02C-01”. Also, you can check SYS | Config #2075. The previous version shows “STL (Qualifying)” and “STL (Home School)”. The new/updated version shows “STL (Qualifying)” and “STL (All Products)”.

IMPORTANT: After you have the new programs, you need to go into SYS | Config | Change Misc. Configurations | #2075 and change the following items to the right of STL (All Products):

  • “Min Net (Whole $)” = 250
  • “Target Description” = “Free Shipping (All Products)”

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