Are You Missing BSMGR Features? (7.60 Enhancements)

Are You Missing Some Bookstore Manager Features?

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve talked with a few retailers that are still running version 7.4 of Bookstore Manager. This version is no longer being updated. If you are using version 7.4 (or an even earlier version) we strongly encourage you to contact us about getting your system up to date.

If you aren’t sure which version of Bookstore Manager you are using, the installed version is shown in the lower right portion of the screen when you start the program. Most stores have already been sent the version 8.0 upgrade. The remaining ones are being sent out over the next few weeks.

At the main BSMGR screen (with the “Enter Program Name” prompt), if you see “Version 7.42E-00” (or earlier) or “Version 7.60R-00” (or earlier), please email us at and let us know the following:

  • Store Name
  • Account Number
  • BSMGR Version

We will follow up with you ASAP so you aren’t missing out on new features and enhancements.

Version 7.6 Enhancement Highlights
(The upgrade document has the full list.)

  • EOI Best Sellers button in IVDI. You can see what items are top sellers in Bibles, Books, International Books, Recorded Music, Accompaniment Music, and Software, and Gifts. Items not found in your inventory or with 0 on hand will be highlighted. This is a free service to help you identify products missing from your store shelves that are selling well in other stores.
  • Partial support for discounts with a fraction (such as 40.55%)
    • IVVM = Full support
    • IVM = Full support
    • IVO = Partial support
    • IVPR = Partial support
  • POS
    • Supports digital price display poles
    • Supports multiple credit cards in a single transaction. Useful when a customer pays with a Visa or MasterCard gift card with a remaining balance that is less than the transaction amount.
  • SLCM can now print barcode labels to speed up customer checkout.
  • IVDI
    • Gift Search now includes “Occasion”
    • Bible Search now includes two (2) categories and language
    • Music Search now includes three (3) categories
    • Printed Music has new groupings
    • IVDI search results
      • Have adjustable columns
      • Results can be sorted
      • Can search within results
  • IVSO has new lookup to view item in IVM.
  • IVHR now allows you to set number of days before setting an item to “D” (defaults to 45 days).
  • QBS now supports duplex printing.
  • Excel reports have been improved and complete quicker.
  • SLTL now allows you to view previous Z-tapes.
  • New DAILY program allows you to automate the daily closeout process.
  • IVO
    • Shows totals by cost
    • Added option to email orders
  • MLM
    • Last activity date no longer changed when updating address
    • Phone number fields have identifying labels you can set
    • One phone number lookup now searches all phone number fields


Version 8.0 Enhancement Highlights
(The upgrade document has the full list.)

  • Full screen support.
  • Gradient color backgrounds.
  • Quick access to frequently used programs.
  • IVM “Commission” (used by SLEMP).
  • POS
    • Reprint transactions from a list of transactions
    • New subtotal screen based on Touch POS
  • POSMENU many changes making it easier to setup and maintain your Touch POS layout.
  • CHECKEOI highlights/summarizes a count of products you don’t have in inventory that are top sellers in EOI.
  • SLQR provides a quick way to run different sales reports.
  • DAILY program enhanced for smoother flow.
  • IVP has new “Load Previous Report” that will restore all the settings from any of the last nine (9) IVP reports run.
  • SLT has new “Hourly Details” button to show hourly sales by department.
  • QBS now prints on the disc before burning. If you prefer to burn first, you can configure the system to continue burning before printing on the CD.
  • IVM and QBS now support burning your “in house” CD’s (typically for sermons).

We 2014-06 Users Meeting Replay showed the new screens and discussed version 8.0 enhancements during our users meeting held on June 5th. To watch a recording, please click here. A list of topics covered during the meeting with links to the associated time index is provided below the video. You will need to click the “Show more” link to see the full list.


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