Are You Missing Something? (EOI Top Sellers)

These days it is more important than ever to keep the titles your customers want on the shelf. It is not news to you that successful Christian stores have the proper level of inventory with an optimum turn.

Bookstore Manager’s RMS program includes a feature (at no extra charge) that allows you to quickly identify and order products that are selling well nationwide but are not in your store.

We made a short video (3:15) to show you how RMS can help you better manage your inventory. Click here to watch the video and get started today!

While there is no cost to you for the EOI best sellers comparisons, it does require your participation in EOI for you to experience the full benefit of the program.

The top selling information is updated on a weekly basis. The most current is included on each month’s update, but you can also have BSMGR automatically download the updated information every week.

Need help getting your system set up for weekly updates, or want to know more? Call us at 800.997.6724 (option 1) or click here to email us.

Remember you can use SPT to put your support request directly on our support docket.

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