Enhancement to Best Seller Reports (September 2014)

EOI Best Sellers Report Enhancement

The September 2014 update includes an enhancement to the Eye On Inventory (EOI) Best Sellers reports. You can now see top selling Videos and Audio Books. Plus, you can now filter Book results based on “Fiction”, “Non-Fiction”, by category or show all books.

To access the EOI Best Sellers reports, enter “IVDI” at “Enter Program Name”. The bottom right button on the screen is labelled “EOI Best Sellers”. Click that button to see the report options.

In case you haven’t used this program, here are the reports available:

  • All Books
  • Fiction Books
  • Non-Fiction Books
  • Books by Category
  • Bibles
  • Int’l Books
  • Recorded Music
  • Accomp Music
  • Videos
  • Audio Books
  • Software
  • Gifts (You can limit gift products by US Retail)

You can specify whether you want to see all best sellers, limit to best selling product not in inventory (“Missing Products”) or further limit the report to missing products that are available from distributors.

Items highlighted in RED identify the best sellers with no On Hand and no On Order quantites.
Items highlighted in YELLOW indicate you don’t have any products On Hand, but you do have at least one (1) On Order.
Finally, items that have at least one (1) On Hand are not highlighted. This makes it easy to see which products need your attention.

If you have multiple inventory files (multi-store setup), you have the option of running any report on the IVM file you choose.

We recognize that there may be top selling titles that you’ve chosen not to carry. The program is simply showing you what other stores are selling so you can make an informed choice on what you may want to consider carrying in your store.

Please remember that the reports are limited to 10 products in the search results unless you are participating in EOI. There is no charge to participate, and the process can be enabled as part of the nightly routines run from the SCHEDULE program.

Click Here to access the easy-to-follow EOI Setup document. You should be able to make the necessary changes in less than two (2) minutes.

We hope this tool is helpful to you in your ministry. If you have suggestions on other ways we can maximize the benefits you get from your investment in technology for your store, please let us know.

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