Enhancement to Full PO Stock Check

Enhancement for Full PO Stock Checks

On our August 2015 update, we included an enhancement that allows you to perform fast, full PO stock checks for Anchor, Ingram, New Day and STL.

In an effort to quickly communicate the status of a PO with each distributor, you can now set targets and corresponding thresholds. Our October update ECN included some information on this. We’ve also created a short (4:18) video showing the feature in use as well as how you set it up in SYS | Config.

The stock check results are stored locally for an hour. So, if you are interrupted while doing the full stock check, you can restart it. The process will only stock check items that don’t have a count within the past hour.

To watch our updated demonstration (length is 4:18), please click here.

We appreciate the positive feedback we’ve received on this new feature! Please let us know if you have any other suggestions on how to improve it.

IVO Full Stock Check Summary Screen

IVO Full Stock Check Detail Report

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