Full PO Stock Checks Not Working (7-Jun-2017)

Many of you use the “Full PO Stock Check” feature in IVO. Ingram Data Services discontinued their socket-based Internet stock checks on 6-Jun-2017. This caused the “Full PO Stock Check” feature in IVO to stop working properly.

This was the first time for us to experience a failure of the socket-based stock check to Ingram, and the program incorrectly identified the error as coming from Anchor Distributors. Anchor’s system is still properly responding to socket-based Internet stock checks.

Ingram has a web service replacement for their discontinued socket-based stock check, and we will modify IVO to use this service. In the meantime, they have re-enabled the socket-based Internet stock checks for 30 days to give us time to migrate the program to use their web service stock checks.

Since the 30-day window may expire before our July update gets delivered to stores, we will also push the change out as a critical update for version 8.10L (the June 2017 update version).


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