Full PO Stock Checks Updated (20-Jun-2017)

We sent an email out on June 7th regarding the “Full PO Stock Check” feature in IVO no longer working due to a change at Ingram. As promised, this is our follow-up notification to let you know the IVO program has been updated to support their web service API for stock checks instead of using the socket connection that is being discontinued. The IVO program was updated last week and we’ve had a few stores using it the past several days. Since none have reported problems with the change, it was pushed out last night as a critical update.

You must be on version 8.10L to receive this critical update. If you are on an earlier version, please get caught up by installing your updates through June 2017. Once you have the critical update installed, BSMGR should show “Version 8.10L-01” in the lower right corner of the main screen. If it still shows “Version 8.10L-00”, you can manually trigger the critical update process from SCHEDULE | click the “Utilities” tab | click the “Check for Critical Updates Now” button.

If you are having any problems getting the critical update to install on your system, please let us know. You can use SPT to put the call directly onto our support docket, you can email us at support@bsmgr.com, or you can call us at 800-997-6724 option 2.


Your BSMGR Support Team
support@bsmgr.com | (800) 997-6724 (option 2)