Munce 2019 Back to Basics Catalog

If you are sending the Munce 2019 Back to Basics Catalog, please download and process the data file that will prepare your inventory.

  1. Download the Zipped catalog data files by clicking here.
  2. When the download completes, open the Zip file and extract/copy the files to your BOOK folder.
  3. In BSMGR, run “IVPROMO” at the Enter Program Name prompt.
  4. At the “Enter File Name” prompt, type the file name that matches which one you are sending out (see below), then click the OK button.
  5. If you selected a flexible date file, you will be prompted for the start and end dates of the sale.
  6. Any products that are in the catalog and not in your inventory will open the IVM “Add” screen. Add the missing product(s) to your inventory. The catalog’s promo code, start date, end date, and sale price will be set for all the products in the catalog.
  7. If IVPROMO doesn’t do anything, make sure you copied/extracted the files from the current file to your BOOK folder.

Current file names to choose from for the IVPROMO program…

  • M-JUL-R.TXT = Beat the Heat Postcard
    (1-Jul-2019 thru 27-Jul-2019)
  • M-JUL-RF.TXT = Beat the Heat Postcard
    (Flexible dates – you set when running IVPROMO)
  • M-AUG-R4.TXT = Back to Basics Catalog (4 weeks)
    (29-Jul-2019 thru 31-Aug-2019)
  • M-AUG-R6.TXT = Back to Basics Catalog (6 weeks)
    (28-Jul-2019 thru 14-Sep-2019)
  • M-AUG-RF.TXT = Back to Basics Catalog
    (Flexible dates – you set when running IVPROMO)

If you have any problems downloading the file or getting the file to process from within IVPROMO, please let us know.

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