Replay Links for the August 2016 Users Meeting Webinar

We were blessed by everyone that was able to join us for the users meeting webinar we had on Tuesday.

We apologize for the hiccup at the beginning of the meeting. Shortly after starting the meeting, the browser window crashed which “ended” the meeting. Apparently, you cannot restart a completed webinar. We started a new webinar, but the automatic follow-up email the system sent points to the session that died.

Whether or not you registered to view/participate in the webinar, you can watch the replay at your leisure. We’ve included a “table of contents” with links to jump to the specific topic in case you had to leave early and want to see just the part you missed, or if you want to revisit a specific topic.

Thank you again to everyone that was part of the meeting this week, and THANK YOU for the difference each of you is making in your local community!

Section DescriptionTime/Link
Welcome to Webinar(starts at 5:04)
Opening Prayer(starts at 6:32)
EMV Credit Cards, Apple Pay, and Android Pay(starts at 7:04)
Windows 10 and BSMGR(starts at 9:18)
Tablets for portable terminals/points of sale(starts at 10:39)
EZContact Email marketing(starts at 11:16)
qScan Mobile Inventory App(starts at 13:07)
Touch POS(starts at 14:55)
e-Statements/e-Invoices(starts at 18:42)
Remote Manager(starts at 19:27)
On-Site BSMGR Training with
Kingdom Retail Solutions
(starts at 20:25)
Highlighting Some Recent Program Changes(starts at 21:49)
  – EMP(starts at 21:56)
  – ARI Print Detail(starts at 23:18)
  – IVT(starts at 25:53)
  – Purge Inventory Maintenance Logs(starts at 26:21)
  – PRTLABEL(starts at 26:49)
  – SYS(starts at 27:26)
  – TIME(starts at 27:50)
  – Full PO Stock Check(starts at 28:30)
  – DASH(starts at 29:40)
  – DAILY(starts at 30:32)
  – CASHCALC(starts at 31:02)
  – SPT(starts at 31:33)
Emails archived at at 32:41)
Q&A Intro(starts at 33:16)
Version 8.10 Intro(starts at 34:19)
  – Question on Remote Manager(starts at 36:28)
  – Question on Signature Capture(starts at 38:24)
  – Questions on using tablet(starts at 40:15)
  – Question on Programs in DAILY(starts at 40:56)
  – Question on S300 Pin Pad Units
  supporting Apple Pay and Android Pay
(starts at 41:41)
  – Question on license for tablet(starts at 44:03)
Wrap-up the Webinar(starts at 46:17)
Closing Prayer(starts at 47:37)
Sign Off(starts at 48:17)

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