Replay of 2014 Users Meeting

Replay of Users Meeting

Wow! What a great turnout for today’s users meeting! We were so blessed by all the questions and wonderful feedback we received during the webinar event today.

If you registered for the webinar, you should have already received an email with a link to the replay. Some of you may have missed the emails with the sign-up link we sent out or the follow up message with the replay link. If you would like to watch a replay of the meeting, please click here.

After starting the webinar, we waited a few minutes before we began the meeting to give people time to connect and join the event. Please note the “click here” link takes you about 3:15 into the video (where we started). There is a list of topics we covered below the video. Each topic has a time stamp link that makes it easy to jump to that portion of the presentation.

Thank you again to everyone that was part of the meeting today, and THANK YOU for the difference each of you is making in your local community!

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