Replay of 2015 Users Meeting Webinar

Replay of June 2015 Users Meeting Webinar

We were blessed by the turnout and follow-up questions during yesterday’s users meeting webinar.

If you registered for the webinar, you should have received a follow-up email with a replay link for the event. One complaint we’ve heard is the standard/automatic replay site has no way to jump around in the video (no progress slider).

Whether you registered for the meeting or not, you can now view the webinar on our YouTube channel. Click here to watch the webinar recording.

Please note that the recording of the webinar is automatic. Once we started the webinar, we waited a few minutes to give people time to connect. The link takes you to the point in the recording where we actually began.

Thank you again to everyone that was part of the meeting today, and THANK YOU for the difference each of you is making in your local community!

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