2018 Munce End of Summer Sale Catalog

NOTE: If you are not sending the Munce 2018 End of Summer Catalog, you can ignore this message.

The following price files for active Munce sales catalogs are included on the July update.

  • M-JUL-R.TXT = Back to Basics Catalog
    (2-Jul-2018 thru 28-Jul-2018)
  • M-JUL-RF.TXT = Back to Basics Catalog
    (Flexible dates – set when running IVPROMO)
  • M-AUG-R.TXT = End of Summer Sale Catalog
    (30-Jul-2018 thru 1-Sep-2018)
  • M-AUG-RF.TXT = End of Summer Sale Catalog
    (Flexible dates – set when running IVPROMO)

If you don’t want to wait for the update disc, you can click here to download the current Munce catalog files, then extract all the files into your BOOK folder.

As a reminder, the program will check your inventory file for the following:

  • If you are missing products from the catalog, the program will prompt you to add them, pulling basic information (title, author, retail, etc.) from the Christian Books & More database.
  • Once missing products have been added to your inventory file, the program will set up the following for all the products in the catalog file:
    » Sale price; » Sale start date; » Sale end date; » Promo code.

If you have any problems downloading the file or getting the file to process from within IVPROMO, please let us know.

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