Dayspring Q1-2023 Price Update

If you have BSMGR set up to use the price point reference file (as described here), you need to download the Q1 2023 update of the reference file (DAYSPRIN for retailers in the U.S. and DAYCANA for retailers in Canada).

  • Version 8.11 (and earlier) –
    1. Download the Zipped data files by clicking here.
    2. When the download completes, open the Zip file and extract/copy the files to your BOOK folder.
    3. The files will also be included with our Q4 update, but, you can grab them now if you don’t want to wait.
  • Version 9.00 –
    • You should receive the files via the automatic cloud update routine this week.
    • If you don’t have the newest Dayspring files, you can manually trigger the cloud update routine.
      1. MAKE SURE ALL STATIONS ARE OUT OF Bookstore Manager.
      2. At Enter Program Name, enter “SCHEDULE”.
      3. Make sure “Update BOOK” is checked. (All should be checked, but the BOOK portion includes the current Dayspring files.)
      4. Click the “Check for Regular Updates Now” button and wait for the routine to finish.
      5. Click the “Start” button and wait for the routine to finish.
      6. Once the routine is completed, all stations can get back into Bookstore Manager.

If you have any problems downloading or extracting the file, please let us know.

Your BSMGR Support Team | (800) 997-6724 (option 2)