New Ingram Warehouse in Allentown, PA

New Ingram Warehouse in Allentown, PA

Effective September 1, 2014, Ingram opened an additional Print To Order (PTO) distribution center (DC) in Allentown, PA. This is an alternative warehouse for customers to shop. According to Ingram, “PTO titles will be shipped the same day if they are ordered before the cutoff time.” The cutoff time is set by Ingram, so check with your Ingram account rep for details.

The warehouse code for the new DC is “B”.

If you want to create a Purchase Order (PO) for this DC, please do the following:

  1. At the “Enter Program Name” prompt, enter IVO.
  2. Either create a new PO or bring up an existing PO, then click “OK=F5”.
  3. On the second screen (with “Purchase Order General Information” at the top) in the “Special” field, change the warehouse code (third character) to “B” (without the quotes). Click “OK=F5”.
  4. Continue working on the PO as normal. The electronic (EDI) version of the PO will have the codes entered in the “Special” field.

For your convenience, here are the current warehouse (DC) codes:

  • “B” = Allentown, PA
  • “C” = Chambersburg, PA
  • “D” = Ft. Wayne, IN
  • “E” = Roseburg, OR
  • “N” = Lavergne, TN

One change on the September 2014 update (which you should receive soon) is support for the new PTO warehouse on Internet Stock Checks. The version 8.0 upgrade has been sent to all stores using RMS, and the stock check enhancement was only made for version 8.00E (and later). If your system shows an older version on the main screen (7.6, 7.4 or earlier), please send an email to and include your account number, store name and the current version of BSMGR/RMS showing on the screen.

Please contact us if you experience problems installing your update or making the changes described above.

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