New Rounding Up for Charity Feature

Sometimes it’s the small things that make a difference. And, we can watch them build over time.

After all the years we’ve been partnering with you to provide the technology to help your ministry increase its impact on your community, you might think there’s nothing else we could add. However, we still have opportunities to make BSMGR a little better!

One example is the new “round-up” for charity feature in version 9. You can now automate the process of collecting small amounts to help the ministry of your choice (whether that’s your store, an upcoming mission trip, local benevolence, or anything else).

If you didn’t already get a chance to watch it, check out yesterday’s Wake Up Wednesday.

In this short (13 minute) video, Jon and Steven share more about this latest small improvement that could save you time and increase donations!

If you have automatic updates enabled for version 9, you should already have the new feature. To enable it…

  1. Go to SYS | Config | Misc. Configurations | #4073.
  2. Enter a “Y” in the first field; and
  3. Enter the department you want to use for donations in the second field.
  4. If you haven’t been accepting donations through BSMGR before using a manual approach, you need to set up your selected department for donations.
    1. Go to SYS | Config | POS Depts | Department Setup
    2. Scroll down to and select the department number you want to use for donations
    3. The “Description” field will show on the receipt, so you should enter something obvious like “Donations”. We recommend you avoid something generic like “Missions” since that could easily be confused with a product department in your store.
    4. Enter a “0” in the “Taxable” field for non-taxable donations
    5. For the “Misc” field, you may want to enter an “X” so the donations don’t count towards instore coupons (or leave the field blank if you want to allow that)
    6. Enter any other pertinent information (like G/L)

To test it, ring up a test item in POS (like 1 <F2> for a 1 penny sale in department 2), then go to the subtotal screen and select cash. You should be prompted to “round up” the transaction by $0.99. The default button is “No” (to help frontliners not accidentally apply a donation. If you click “Yes”, you will be back at the subtotal screen with a new total of $1.00. If you click “No”, the transaction will continue with the payment selected and no change to the total.

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