Smart Card Update – August 2015

EMV / Smart Card Integration Update

Bookstore Manager has been working for some time to make EMV / Smart Card processing available to our users.

The final step in releasing the EMV module is the certification of the software and hardware interface with the Front End Processors (the entity that provides approvals for your transaction).

As you can imagine, we are one of many attempting to get these certifications completed in time for the October 2015 liability shift deadline. The backlog has created long waits to obtain these certifications.

While we have not been given a specific completion date, we have been assured that we will have the certification before the deadline. As soon as we receive this certification, we will be able to update your system and process the hardware order.

You may be interested to know that the electronic payment industry is struggling to implement EMV in the United States. Some major retailers are not yet able to process some types of EMV transactions while standalone terminal manufactures are attempting to resolve issues with certain types of EMV transactions (usually debit transactions).

Transactions are cancelled and the cardholder is directed to swipe the card using the old Mag Stripe. Other reports indicate that stand alone terminals are “locking up” on these types of transactions.

As we approach release of our new EMV compatible module, we are striving to provide a trouble free solution that will provide you and your customer the best possible checkout experience.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. As always, we are very grateful to join you, in a small way, in proclaiming God’s Good News to your community.

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