[Webinar] Using Email to Help Build Customer Loyalty (sent 2016-10-18)

Drive More Customers Into Your Store

Learn how to use the Bookstore Manager Email Marketing Program to increase traffic and sales this Christmas season!

Watch our free webinar next Tuesday, October 25th at 1:00pm Central. Simply click here to register.

Plus, this webinar will cover qScan. Use your iPhone or other iOS device to quickly and easily count your inventory. This is a perfect tool for end of year inventory counting or cycle counting though out the year.

By signing up today you are on your way to taking advantage of two popular features that can help increase sales and productivity. Both of these are especially useful during this time of the year.

EZData Email Marketing is designed to automatically send your customers emails informing them of events, new products, promotions, or placing a sales catalog in their inbox.

By adding the EZReceipts feature, you can build a relationship with your customer by providing them with receipts, store coupons, and other information they want. How is the done? When a customer comes into your store and they give you their email address for the first time, your system will automatically email a coupon for $5 off their next purchase. This is known as a bounce back coupon intended to bring them right back in the store. This package also offers email receipts which would send them a copy of their receipt and also suggests other products they can get in your store.

Unlike other marketing products, our Email Marketing package is designed to bring your customer into your store NOT drive them to a website that leaves you with little profit and does nothing to build your relationship with your customer.

Our easy to use solution will have you sending emails to your customer in as little as two minutes. Full integration into the point-of-sale system makes adding product details and pricing easy and seamless.

Integration also removes the burden of handling the bad and bounced emails. This normally labor-intensive activity is automatically handled by the software to update your Mailing List program and remind your frontliners to request an updated email when your customer returns to the store. And remember, most patrons are no longer hesitant to provide their email address. In fact, most want sales and other information from stores they visit.

Email is a great way to communicate directly to your customer without the expense found in other promotional methods. To find out more, sign up by clicking this link to register.

Remember, we will also be discussing the qScan Mobile Inventory App for your iOS device.

With this program, you can quickly send your entire inventory file to your iPhone and use it as a handheld scanner to quickly and easily scan your inventory. This is great for full inventory and cycle counting.

This is how it works… First, you tell Bookstore Manager if you’re counting the entire inventory or a partial. If you choose partial, it will ask if you want a particular category, department, or vendor. Once you choose this, it will send the file to your device and you’re ready to scan. When finished you simply click complete scan. At this point, the inventory counts are sent via the cloud back to Bookstore Manager Software and you’re given a variance report. That’s it!

Click here to sign up today for the webinar covering qScan and EZData Email Marketing!

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